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Cannabinoid Formulation with a Published Clinical Trial in a Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal That Shows Greater Bioavailability and Performance

Empowering patients with knowledge.

From sharing product benefits to advising of potential drug interactions and side effects, healthcare professionals are primed to be best resource for hemp products and advice that patients can trust! By sharing the benefits of high quality hemp products, you can help patients achieve and improve their health and wellness outcomes while supporting your goals.

More than 90% of patients have heard of CBD and are interested in hemp, but only 25% have tried CBD products. When consumers try hemp products, they find it more effective than other solutions and are less likely to discontinue use.

96% of consumers surveyed continue using CBD once they try – as their most effective treatment.1

We also found that 59% of in-store shoppers with arthritis or chronic pain consult a pharmacist when making healthcare decisions and 34% of all shoppers consult a doctor for purchasing.1

We partner with healthcare professionals to provide resources and education to increase patient knowledge. We want to empower patients in their decision-making process. This area helps you stay informed of groundbreaking research in areas such as hemp, and nutrition as they relate to your quality of life.

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1: Opticann Consumer Study, December 2020

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